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GALAXY® Predictive Dialer is a comprehensive outbound customer contact solution that improves your contact centers effectiveness while seamlessly integrating with your existing voice and data systems. It offers campaign development tools, call table filters, predictive dialing, call blending, a browser-based agent desktop, real-time statistics and historical and custom reporting.

Work with us, and we will help you improve your call completion and customer satisfaction, while bringing you measurable return on investment (ROI).

Features :

bullet  Preview Dialing - present agents with a customer's record for review prior to the call being placed.

bullet  Precision Dialing - virtually eliminate nuisance calls due to no agent availability.

bullet  Predictive Dialing - initiate outbound calls based on anticipated agent availability.

bullet  Call Analysis - detect non-contact outcomes - such as busy signals, no answers and fax tones - with a high degree of accuracy.

bullet  Call Blending - optimize the assignment of agents between inbound and outbound call handling.

bullet  IP Connectivity - reduce telephony costs by providing Voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity over an existing data network to local or remote agent stations.

bullet  Web Callback - enhance customer service by providing integrated web and telephony functionality via your website.

bullet  Campaign Flow - automatically and seamlessly transition agents from the existing campaign to the next predefined campaign.

bullet  List Flow - link call tables within a single campaign ensuring a constant flow for maintaining agent productivity.

bullet  Exclusion List Management - exclude select call records from being dialed.

bullet  Filters - prioritize contacts by defining specific criteria to target records within a call table for inclusion in a campaign, or to create new call lists based on filter output.

bullet  Alert Manager - enable managers to set performance criteria and thresholds for monitoring and be notified immediately if these are in danger of being compromised.

bullet  Recall Management - manage both agent and system scheduled recall requirements.

bullet  Skills-based Routing - match appropriately skilled agents with specific customer call records.

bullet  Specific Agent Recall - enable your agents to specify that they wish to "own" a specific callback.

bullet  Time Zone Management - establish time zone criteria via the North America Numbering Plan (NANP),including the necessary area code/exchange to time zone conversion requirements for dialing purposes.

bullet  Comprehensive Reporting - gain a clear, concise view of how your contact center is performing with comprehensive reports.

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